Equine Energy at Allora

A demonstration of “equine-energy” process at Allora Qld a few years ago. This will give a basic outline of the process of “innate-energy“. You will notice that it is not a therapy or “treatment” for a symptom, but a correction of the underlying programs that led to the current situation. “equine-energy” and “innate-energy” are synonymous […]

Equine Energy with Pete Esdaile Video

Watch an introduction to my 2 day ‘Innate Healing Workshop. You will learn how to treat your equine friend in a variety of situations. For more information about my workshops, please contact me, so we can begin helping you, help your horses. Do have any questions or comments? Please leave them in the comment section […]

Herbicide Poison

We have been sold a “bill of goods” (a lie).  If you tell a lie often enough you even start to believe it yourself. Farmers keep telling me that you can’t farm without herbicide.  We farmed in the 1950’s and 60’s without herbicide.  In those days we had slow, fuel guzzling tractors, but we got […]

Proud Flesh Case Study Slideshow

Proud Flesh – Horse Wounds

Proud Flesh – Case Study My guess there would not be a lot of long-term horse people that haven’t had some experience with PROUD FLESH. I have seen good intentioned old stockmen use all sorts of things, like Stockholm Tar and Pink Eye powder etc. These sorts of remedies insure that dirt attaches, infection sets […]