Proud Flesh – Horse Wounds

Proud Flesh – Case Study My guess there would not be a lot of long-term horse people that haven’t had some experience with PROUD FLESH. I have seen good intentioned old stockmen use all sorts of things, like Stockholm Tar and Pink Eye powder etc. These sorts of remedies insure that dirt attaches, infection sets […]

Listen To What The Body Is Saying

A Quick Case Study A yearling filly was brought to me recently with the report that she was lame. This was observed as her head bobbed up and down when lunged counter-clockwise. Earlier they had engaged a local Veterinary Surgeon to determine the site of pain, and along with other things used nerve block injections […]

Taking Responsibility

Responsibility is our “ability to respond”. To be able to respond there first has to be recognition that there is something to respond to. The thing that makes it hard for us to recognise that our horses have an issue that we need to respond to is the fact that they are so willing to […]

“Innate Healing” Workshop – Warwick

What can we say ……. it was a great two days. We had 14 participants and checked and cleared over 20 horses in that time. We started Friday morning in a class type situation to explain the philosophy behind what we do. Without the basic foundation we can tend to revert back to our previous […]

Follow Up

One of the reasons I want people to learn this stuff is so they can follow up. I worked on a 3 year old race filly that was injured in barrier trials, last week. We cleared a lot of things and got her body so that it could heal and repair and set another time […]