Herbicide Poison

We have been sold a “bill of goods” (a lie).  If you tell a lie often enough you even start to believe it yourself. Farmers keep telling me that you can’t farm without herbicide.  We farmed in the 1950’s and 60’s without herbicide.  In those days we had slow, fuel guzzling tractors, but we got […]

Listen To What The Body Is Saying

A Quick Case Study A yearling filly was brought to me recently with the report that she was lame. This was observed as her head bobbed up and down when lunged counter-clockwise. Earlier they had engaged a local Veterinary Surgeon to determine the site of pain, and along with other things used nerve block injections […]

Taking Responsibility

Responsibility is our “ability to respond”. To be able to respond there first has to be recognition that there is something to respond to. The thing that makes it hard for us to recognise that our horses have an issue that we need to respond to is the fact that they are so willing to […]

Follow Up

One of the reasons I want people to learn this stuff is so they can follow up. I worked on a 3 year old race filly that was injured in barrier trials, last week. We cleared a lot of things and got her body so that it could heal and repair and set another time […]

The World Has Gone Mad!

Welcome to my thoughts. As a registered Chiropractor for over 30 years (I retired as a registered Chiropractor in August 2015) and the developer of “innate energy” and an equine Chiropractor I am privileged with more information than if I was only adjusting horses or only adjusting people, and I can correlate my findings and learn […]