Equine Energy at Allora

A demonstration of “equine-energy” process at Allora Qld a few years ago. This will give a basic outline of the process of “innate-energy“.

You will notice that it is not a therapy or “treatment” for a symptom, but a correction of the underlying programs that led to the current situation.

“equine-energy” and “innate-energy” are synonymous terms.

I started teaching “equine-energy” to prove that anyone can do this, I don’t have any special talent or gift (unless it is an ability to ask different questions ) that anyone with an inquiring mind could not learn.

We just view things in a different light:

  • That No.1, you can’t poison a body back to health;
  • No.2, the bodies we have are such brilliant things. With good food, water, air and a positive mental attitude we have the ability to overcome almost anything, as long as there is no interference.
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