Follow Up

One of the reasons I want people to learn this stuff is so they can follow up. I worked on a 3 year old race filly that was injured in barrier trials, last week. We cleared a lot of things and got her body so that it could heal and repair and set another time for one week.

None of us are God and we aren’t going to clear everything in 1/2 an hour or an hour, but we can begin the process and then we need to follow up. Why do people go to a Chiropractor as a regular maintenance thing….because it works! Why not give your horse the same chance? When we find a problem, turning them out in the paddock isn’t going to fix it. We work hard on some people and as soon as they don’t feel the symptom they say “I’ll see how it goes.”

You can guess how it goes….the same way as it was before they came in. It’s a little bit like riding a highly strung Arabian, 2 steps forward and one step back, or that is how it was described to me.

To learn to clear your own horses, and then do it on a regular basis, not only will you get better at it but your horses will perform better than your wildest expectations. The three rules of success; Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up.

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  1. Trish Richardson says

    Hello Pete,
    I’d love to attend one of your workshops. I live in the Maryborough Qld area… anything planned within a few hours radius? I am beginning to feel I am transferring my “imbalances” to my horses eg I have a “tight left hip/lumbar area” and now I find my horse has a very tight nearside lumbar area….am I on the right track?
    I’d love to know your thoughts…

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