God Made Man … and The Devil Made Cooks

I was checking Standardbred gelding today and a remark was made about his dull and bleached coat. We checked and cleared his hydration and then we checked his mineral balance …. which was not ideal. I made the suggestion that the trainer should include Celtic Sea Salt in his diet, which he said he had done only in the past few days. Then he showed me the supplement that he was giving the horse.

Pink Rock Salt

Pink Rock Salt

Sure, it has a little “Celtic Sea Salt” tag on the tin to give it an air of respectability, but the rest of it was some man-made formula.

Blood plasma and sea water are very much the same composition, we are bathed internally in this salty solution. When we are stressed they pump in saline solution (salty water). Most of the salt we use today is 98% Sodium Chloride.

All the other elements have been stripped out and used somewhere else, and we are left with this “white death”. When we use salt to maintain electrolyte balance we need to use salt that God created for us, not some academic formula.

Unless you have the skills to determine the usefulness of a supplement I suggest the best choices are: (1) Celtic Sea Salt. It is about 84% sodium chloride and the other 16% is made up of essential macro and trace minerals, the way God would have it. (2) Coloured rock salt, I mean the really big hard chunks of pink rock.

A reasonable test is if it has a good deal of colour then it probably has a good mineral balance. If it is white then probably most of the critical mineral balance has been lost.

My rule of thumb is; “If it comes the way God made it there’s a fair chance that it’s OK.? The more man mucks with it, the worse it gets”.

By the same token, I like oats as raw grain, or sprouted.? Not steamed, rolled, or otherwise cooked and made into pellets etc. Every time it is heated it is losing energy.

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