Herbicide Poison

We have been sold a “bill of goods” (a lie).  If you tell a lie often enough you even start to believe it yourself.

Farmers keep telling me that you can’t farm without herbicide.  We farmed in the 1950’s and 60’s without herbicide.  In those days we had slow, fuel guzzling tractors, but we got the job done. I have always maintained that you can only work the acres that you can cover in two weeks with the equipment you have.  Any more than that and the weeds will beat you.

Crops and Herbicides

Farming With Herbicides

Today, with bigger machines we can cover more ground, not by going faster but by using wider implements.  Anything faster than 4 miles per hour (6.4 kph) is disturbing the structure of the soil and creating a potential “dust bowl”.

The newer machines are far more fuel efficient, but I also acknowledge that the price of fuel has also risen dramatically.  Because of the increase in fuel prices “we” have been told it is far more economical to use herbicide to control weeds and therefore less passes over the same ground.

In reality the cost of herbicide is rising all the time now that they have you “hooked” and at the same time weeds are becoming resistant to them, with no sure answers as to how that is going to play out in the future.

We see people spraying their chemicals around with reckless abandon, some 7,000 tons a year (I have heard) on the Darling Downs (about 125 mile radius from about Dalby) alone, with very little regard for neighbouring crops and organic farming.  They hide behind “good farming practice” as a defence for their irresponsibility and somehow they seem to get away with it, despite what has happened to the fish in the hatcheries or the Avocados in the neighbouring orchard.

It does “come home to roost ” though.  Despite the inference that it is quite safe to use with certain precautions this is not the reality.  The nature of the food value of the crops grown with herbicide is markedly poorer than crops grown organically or biodynamically, and to add insult to injury a vast amount of the crops grown chemically are genetically modified to the point that bodies don’t recognize it as food.

What actually happens when a human or animal comes in contact with herbicide?  As a Health Practitioner I have documented the effects of herbicide to both humans and animals for the past 20 years.  It all started when our daughter came home from primary school just after the summer vacation.  She felt ill, had a fever, wouldn’t eat so she went to bed.  Not knowing then what was causing this we kept her under observation.  When she was no better the next morning we started to ask her body what was happening, by using muscle testing, and through that we were able to determine that she had been exposed to herbicide that had been applied around the school grounds during the holidays.

In my experience, this is what I have learn’t about herbicide:

1.   There is no safe minimal dose.

  • Wether you bath in it or spill it all over you, or you drive down the road a day or so after it has been sprayed it will get you.  Often the more immediate effects are the result of receiving a virtual “homoeopathic” type dose.  This is achieved when it was sprayed a day or so earlier, as the earth goes to sleep at night the herbicide condenses to the ground, then when the earth wakes in the morning and the dew is released into the atmosphere up comes the herbicide.  As you drive to work early it is sucked straight into the air conditioner of your vehicle.  You have no way of knowing that you were even poisoned because there are no tell-tale signs in the nearby paddocks or house yards. The people who actually handle the herbicide often don’t experience any evidence by way of symptoms for two or three weeks, so again they have no reference for the cause of their dilemma.  Once you remove the lid from the container it is causing problems to your health.  We have developed techniques to restore normal function.

2.   It causes your spine to distort with a vertebral subluxation.

  • Prior to my retiring as a registered  Chiropractor of almost 30 years my focus has been on the understanding of the cause of, and the correction of, vertebral subluxations. Subluxations are misalignments of spinal bones which cause interference to the delicate messages from the brain to the body and from the body to the brain.  This interference leads to dysfunction in various parts of the body and if left uncorrected, over time cause dis-ease and pathology.  Vertebral subluxation in your body acts in a similar way to a virus in your computer.  Once you have a virus in your computer, as I understand, it becomes part of your operating program and the computer continues to run a corrupted program until you can isolate it and delete it.  Similarly, when your body is subluxated this becomes part of your personal operating program, and drugs, surgery, therapy etc. doesn’t delete the corrupted program.  You go to bed tonight, wake up in the morning …. Same corrupted program.  We have developed techniques for removing the memories from the body cells to restore it to normal function.

3.  The biggest cause of back pain on the planet!

  • Wether it be yourself or your horse, almost every case of back pain will trace back to contact with herbicide poison.  Not everyone that is poisoned with herbicide will experience back pain, but almost everyone that is experiencing acute back pain will have had contact with herbicide, knowingly or not.  This is one of the biggest areas I deal with in both humans and horses.  In most cases the pain will be reported down the right leg with some reference to Sciatica.  We have developed effective techniques to differentiate and correct these challenges.

4.  One of the biggest causes of “flu” type symptoms!

  • I often hear reports that it is “Summer Flu”, when in fact it is the body trying its best to eliminate the toxic irritant.  We have developed simple tests to differentiate the difference between a virus and herbicide poison, and correct it in minutes.

5.  One cause of Migraines and headaches. 

  • Often headaches and migraines are associated with toxic Liver function, which is often caused by herbicide poison.  We can quickly determine the involvement and correct the dysfunction.

6.    Often involved in exacerbating Asthma. 

  • Correct the herbicide poison and the asthma can ease.

7.    Can be involved in sudden gastric discomfort, vomiting and diarrhoea! 

  • Correct the herbicide and the stress stops almost immediately.

8.    Can lead to serious heart problems! 

  • Clearing the herbicide is often the first step to resolving heart emergencies.

9.    Depression! 

  • While there are many causes of depression, clearing herbicide poison can often be the start to a recovery.

10.    Cancer! 

  • I have lost count of the chemical farmers who died of cancer.  I have no sure- fire cure for cancer.  The best approach is a lifetime free of all chemical poisons. Being able to identify herbicide poison in people or animals is one of the frequent problems we face. We can be chemical free and life does get easier.
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