Hip Dysplasia

This morning, at the Karara Sheep Dog Trials, I was asked what I knew about hip dysplasia. My response was to determine what they understood about hip dysplasia.

Australian Kelpie

Australian Kelpie

I suggested we have a look. A young bitch pup about 8 months old with obvious pain at both hips and apparent muscle wasting around the hips.

Why? As a Chiropractor my focus is on interference to communication between the brain and the body and the most obvious stressor I could find was an unidentified virus.

We cleared the memory of the virus and adjusted the spine. No pain! Didn’t have to do anything to the hips, the brain will fix that. There may be other stressors to deal with at a later date to maintain the correction. This is simple stuff – not rocket science, but we’ve been duped by the scientific community to focus on the symptom picture rather than the correction.

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