“Innate Healing” Workshop – Warwick

What can we say ……. it was a great two days. We had 14 participants and checked and cleared over 20 horses in that time. We started Friday morning in a class type situation to explain the philosophy behind what we do.

Innate Healing Workshop

Without the basic foundation we can tend to revert back to our previous understanding and resort to applying therapy to symptoms, or worse.

One comment was “Why wasn’t I told this years ago?” When we have a sound background it takes the guess out of what is happening and our decisions follow a logical sequence. After lunch we started working on horses. Just about everyone was keen to see how it all came together. We worked with horses until 9.30 pm.

I must mention that the facilities at the Polocrosse ground were ideal, the clubhouse was great to meet in and eat in, and of course the stables were great, with lights in the umpires stables where we did most of the work. A very big THANK YOU to Warwick Polocrosse and, in particular, Les Fraser for his help.

Saturday we reviewed what we had covered and “cleared” more horses. We wound up about 3.00 pm as some had to get away, then we “cleared ” some of the people to help them function better and for them to feel a little of how the horses were feeling. We finished with horses about 5.30 pm.

Some of the feedback we have had since has been great. A number of the participants have been getting really positive results working at home. Like any other new skill, the more you use it and the harder you work at it the better you get.

Some of the things we worked on with the horses were; herbicide & pesticide poison, parasites, bacterial infections, viral infections (including EI), Kidney and Lung infections, Queensland Itch, Physical trauma, emotional trauma, jaw-joint problems, Q Fever and many more.

These are the everyday stressors that are pulling your equine friends down, and if you don’t have the skills to identify them specifically, you don’t even know that your horse is suffering.

We look forward to another good time at Yeppoon Showground. We hope to meet you at the next one!

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Innate Healing Workshop

Innate Healing Workshop

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