“Innate Healing” Workshops

Two Day Intensive Workshop

With Dr. Pete Esdaile, Equine Chiropractor

If you have a desire to understand your horses better, improve their moods, improve their performance and improve their health, this weekend is for you.

This is a very practical workshop, where you will learn very specific techniques to help your horse overcome traumatic physical injury; infections (viral,bacterial, parasitic etc.); various chemical insults, and a range of other stressors. You will learn how to measure, access, and turn on your horses own innate healing capacity, without the use of drugs, therapy, or expensive veterinary procedures, using no more than your own two hands, and possibly an assistant.

Over this weekend you will experience changes in your horse in many ways, but more particularly in the calm attitude of them. Working in pairs on your horses you will encounter a vast range of experiences.

The Theory and Practical Content Covered in 2 Days.

Recognising the energy of healing from above, down, inside, out.

The principles of communicating through muscle testing.

The patterns of interference to health

The similarities in healing between the human and equine experience.

Recognising the changes by working among each other.

Transferring that experience to our equine companions.

This weekend is open to all who have a desire to help their horse, with no academic prerequisite apart from being able to communicate in English (I have no other language skills).

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