Proud Flesh – Horse Wounds

Proud Flesh – Case Study

My guess there would not be a lot of long-term horse people that haven’t had some experience with PROUD FLESH. I have seen good intentioned old stockmen use all sorts of things, like Stockholm Tar and Pink Eye powder etc. These sorts of remedies insure that dirt attaches, infection sets in and Proud Flesh is almost guaranteed.

What Is Proud Flesh?

Proud Flesh Horse Wound

Proud Flesh Horse Wound

When the skin is opened a thin layer of granulation tissue covers the wound to seal it from dirt and infection, then new skin grows in from the outside edges to heal the wound. If the wound is especially large or in a place of constant movement and irritation the granulation tissue grows out of control forming an ugly mass over the injury.

In a lot of cases it is then surgically removed and often bound with pressure bandages. This often results in massive scarring and poor skin coverage over the area.

Areas above the knees on the horse have underlying muscle which allows more movement but also allows the skin to stretch, often with a better result. Injuries below the knee are often left with nasty scarring as the skin over the bone is less able to stretch.

Back to my case study. My 21 year old Thoroughbred mare Fearless is the subject in question. I had arranged to send her to a stallion and the very day before when I went to feed her she was standing up the paddock and didn’t attempt to come down with the other horses. The attached photo shows why. She must have caught her leg in some plain wire and pulled back rapidly and stripped the leg down to the knee.

Proud Flesh

Proud Flesh

As the skin was peeled down and not up it had no further blood supply and had to be removed. I engaged a young local Veterinary Surgeon to do the job, as surgery and drugs are right out of my league.

He administered anaesthetics and removed quite a few pounds of skin and flesh. The wound was covered for a couple of days to reduce the bleeding and for the first time in my life I administered “Bute” to reduce inflammation. After that the wound was left open. The injury was so extensive that the extensor tendon was ruptured above the knee and the knee capsule was open. All this is almost a death sentence.

In this particular case the build-up of proud flesh was a bonus. It sealed the open knee capsule and saved her life. I have tried a number of things in the past like Paw Paw flesh which is great if the wound isn’t too extensive.

If you just cut the Paw Paw in half and strap it on with some self-adhesive elastic bandages for about three days then leave it off for a couple of days and the horse will eat the breaking down Proud Flesh, exposing a new surface to again apply the Paw Paw to.

Proud Flesh Case Study

Fearless - Case Study

In the case of Fearless the wound was too extensive to continue to bandage, and I would rather let nature do its thing and work around that.

For an hour every day, rain hail or shine, she was tied in a frame with an Harmonic devise emanating an invisible light field passing through the injury and bouncing back through a mirror. This light field is a similar frequency to healthy tissue. This still didn’t stop the development of Proud Flesh.

After a few weeks I started to use a Bluestone based solution sprayed onto the proud flesh. It immediately started to reduce in size. I would apply this for a few days to make the surface “crusty”, then for the next few days would put vitamin E around the edges from gel capsules. The mare continued to chew the crusty surface off.

After seven months of daily application the scar was reduced to the size of a thumb nail and Fearless is again running with a stallion. In my estimation – a good result.

Anyone desiring the formula for the green solution please contact me.

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