Hi Peter

We would like to say thanks for the amazing job you did on our appy mare. We couldn’t believe it. She went from unrideable to rideable in one session she is so much happier and no longer rears when you get on her.

I am still amazed at how much of a different horse she is now. I would recommend your treatment to everyone and have every intention to call you again for my other horses and myself.

If it wasn’t for your treatment our mare would either be left in a paddock for the rest of her life or resold and who knows wot would of happened to her. Again thank you and we look forward to using you again for our other horses.

Regards Daniel and Evelin

Greg Kopp sent me this email on how he saved his horse…

Colic In Pacer “Dundee Bromac”

Hi Pete,

Thanks for your help last week-end with this horse, without it he would not be alive today. For your information I will detail what actually happened with this horse.

As you know, I attended two Innate Healing workshops for horses in 2009 and 2010 and have been using what was taught on horses and myself ever since.

I was feeding the horses on Saturday morning and found Dundee lying down in his yard and he didn’t come for his feed. When I checked him, I found his stomach area swollen. I was able to get him up and get him walking. I cleared items coming up weak on the scans without much improvement and then I cleared items coming up weak in his digestive system. After clearing these items, the scans were telling me that there was no problem in his digestive system and he did not have colic but he was not improving. He kept wanting to get down and wouldn’t eat or drink.

At about 11.00 am I thought I wasn’t going to be able to clear the problem so I rang the Vet. She arrived and gave him a drench and painkillers and advised that she thought he had a blockage in his small intestine and that he was unlikely to survive without an operation. I was not keen on the operation since I had done one before and the horse survived but was never as good as before. Also the scans were telling me that there was no blockage in his digestive tract. The Vet agreed to set him up with a saline drip and pain killers and try to work him through it.

We stayed up with him all of Saturday night to stop him hurting himself and the Vet checked him again Sunday morning. There was no change except that he was needing pain killers more frequently and wanting to get to the ground all the time. The Vet provided more saline drip and pain killers and again advised that she didnt think he would survive. I kept checking his digestive system and still couldn’t find any problem.

By Sunday afternoon he was showing signs of being in more pain and he was getting pain killers every two hours and we were thinking he would have to be put down, but I still couldn’t find any blockage on the digestive system scans so I was reluctant to stop trying to save him.

This was when I rang Pete to see if he could confirm from photos if there really was a blockage and I was missing it. Pete asked me to send photos from all angles and within 5 minutes of receiving them he rang me back. He advised that he couldn’t locate a blockage but that he had found problems with his central nervous system. Pete gave me a list of 4 items to clear from his CNS. I cleared these and within a few minutes Dundee became more relaxed and calm and could be left alone in his stable without going down to roll.

After clearing these CNS problems, more items were found on the scans and these were cleared. Dundee seemed comfortable and remained so for about 5 hours without pain killers. Then he became agitated again as though the pain was returning so I checked the CNS scans again and found a few more items that needed to be cleared. When these were cleared he was comfortable again without pain killers and after a few hours I was confident that he was ok so I went to bed for a few hours about midnight. I left him with some hay and water and when I returned at 4.00am he had eaten some hay and had passed some manure.

I came back about 6.00am Monday morning and put him out in a paddock and he started nibbling the grass and passed more manure. The Vet came about 10.00am and was surprised to see him looking ok. She told me that she thought I would have rung her Sunday night to say that he had died.His stomach was still nearly twice as big as normal but this went down over the next few days.

It is now more than a week since it happened and he is eating and drinking normally and doesnt show any signs that he nearly died.

Thanks again for your help Pete, not only did you save this horse but you reinforced to me how important correct function of the CNS is for all functions of the body. I have used this on myself over the last week and I am doing much better as well.


Greg Kopp