The World Has Gone Mad!

Welcome to my thoughts. As a registered Chiropractor for over 30 years (I retired as a registered Chiropractor in August 2015) and the developer of “innate energy”¬†and an equine Chiropractor I am privileged with more information than if I was only adjusting horses or only adjusting people, and I can correlate my findings and learn by these combined experiences. With few exceptions we can apply what we learn from one, to the other, and vice versa. What I have found in people, I can mostly expect to find in horses; and what I find in horses will probably be found in people.

It’s the start of Spring here in Australia, and in south-east Queensland we have been blessed with a couple of inches of rain; after a very cold end of winter with frost after frost for weeks on end (others might think that’s mild – its all relative). After years of drought and less than ideal summer rains we went into winter with very little feed generally, but we now have a little green pick coming through, which is really wonderful. If we can get 3 or 4 inches of rain over the next few weeks it will keep the feed growing into the warmer months.

Like I said, a month ago we were just coming out of weeks of severe frosts and there was nothing on the ground, but as soon as anything wants to grow some ‘turkey’ wants to kill it. They worry that we don’t have enough to feed our expanding population, but they spray herbicide on their farms and gardens like it was lolly water. It’s been quoted that on the Darling Downs (about 200 Km radius from Toowoomba) they use 7,000 tonnes of herbicide a year. In my estimation that’s about a freight train load 2 miles long. Why would anyone want to poison the very home they live in and all the people and animals as well? It’s not only the farmers, but the gardeners, and the local government authorities are all to blame. Perhaps they believe it’s harmless to humans and animals.

As an Equine Chiropractor I correct Vertebral Subluxations. Vertebral Subluxations are minor misalignments of the spine, but are the greatest cause of nerve interference between the brain and the body, and the body and the brain; and are thus the greatest cause of dis-ease on the planet. Anything we are exposed to that we cannot adapt to, almost instantly will cause a vertebral subluxation. Most people relate vertebral subluxations to accidents and injuries but in my experience that would be less than 1% of all cases. What else, you might ask; … anything, physical, emotional, chemical, electromagnetic, geopathic, or astrological.

Herbicide poison is an anything. One of the worst! You don’t even have to use it yourself, it travels miles in the air on a hot windy day and has been reported to cause damage to crops and people over 10 miles away.

Herbicide poison is singularly the greatest causes of back pain on the planet. People or horses or dogs with pain you can almost guarantee have had contact with herbicide. Doesn’t matter what type of herbicide, they are all into destroying life.

What else? Herbicide poison is a major cause of flu type symptoms. Often called ‘Summer Flu’ as they didn’t take the care to find out that it wasn’t a virus.

Herbicide poison also causes Migraine headaches; Gastric disturbance, Vomiting and Diarrhoea; Asthma; Heart problems, Depression and Cancer, to name just a few.

Those symptoms are nothing to the constant insult of interference to the nerve system from the vertebral subluxation caused by the failure to adapt to the poison. And that is every case. If you think you weren’t poisoned it’s because you are already so full of it that your body doesn’t tell you any more when its getting crook ’cause it knows you probably wont listen anyway. But if your horse is crook he’s not going to perform as well. He might hump up when you girth him, he might sag in the loins when you settle into the saddle, he may just be lame, he may have a cough or a temperature, or any number of other symptoms.

The trick to correcting herbicide poison is (1) know that’s what your dealing with; (2) clear the memory from the body so it doesn’t continue to behave that way; (3) correct the vertebral subluxation. Get any of those steps wrong and you still haven’t cleared the problem.

I have an issue with therapy of any kind. Trying to treat a symptom without fully understanding the problem, to me, is an exercise in futility. Did you ever see the movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ You get up in the morning and everything is the same, … until you learn from your experience. That was my Chiropractic practice when I first graduated from college. Every person or horse I adjusted, I had to do the same as last time, until we asked why is this so, and when you ask questions you get answers, not always from where you expect, but leave yourself open and they will come. My biggest regret is all the answers that I never asked the question for and didn’t recognize the answer when it slapped me in the forehead.

I can only adjust so many horses in a year, but if I can teach 20 people each week to do the same as I do (I can’t teach you to be a licensed Chiropractor, but I can teach you how to clear the memory of many things, before you call the vet) we can create a legacy for horses for generations to come.


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  1. Ron from horses for sale says

    Hey Pete,

    Great article my wife is a horse trainer and started using a chiro on her horses a couple years back. And like yourself he does both humans and horses.

    So she gets a comp adjustment when he comes by. The horses definetly move out differently after the visits and work well.

    Nice post and good information. Will check back often.


  2. Pete Esdaile says

    Thanks again Ron. It’s great to get feedback and know the world is alive out there.

    I have a couple of schools planned and a few more in the pipeline in Eastern Australia, then there are few boundaries. My main limitation is I only speak English (or Strine) but that covers a fair slab of the world.

    I must point out, I can’t teach you to become a Chiropractor, but what I will teach will be better than that. No manipulating spines, but correcting them just the same.



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